Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dev Rajan the Bollywood’s upcoming debutant actor / producer is all set to launch is latest music venture Mast Takila to swing the nation.

 From where do you belong from?

 Basically I am a son of Naval Officer and IAS Mother., I Properly belongs to delhi and I worked for merchant navy as well.

 It’s been how long you are in Mumbai?

 It’s been 6 years now I am in Mumbai, and have realized a year ago that I can do something in industry thus ever since I am trying hard to prove myself.

 How you enjoy the party and night life of Mumbai?

 I’m not party freak & have least interest in parties but when i will do something well in the industry, then i would love to take my family in the award functions, especially if i am going to receive the award.

 How you maintain yourself being as an actor?

 I have joined true fitness and I only take proper diet and try to avoid oily food.

 Who all are yours inspirations in the industries?

 Amitabh Bachhan and Rekha ji.

 Tell us your latest project?

 Mast Takila is a new music album probably in the month of June we are trying to release currently it’s in post production.

 Have you planed your movies as you are a producer too?

 Yes, I am working on one film it’s a big project for me and my team, which I am doing with some market star.

 Being a producer. How is the market for Bollywood?

 Yes, It’s true that Bollywood has a huge tremendous mass, even on every Friday almost 2-5 films are getting released but if you have a good an interesting content then definitely you will get noticed in the market I can give you the instance of Tare Zamin Par, Delli Belli and Udaan etc.

 How you differ your army life and life as an actor?

 It’s almost the same as a new day start, we have to struggle Every time after one project to another to prove our self

 What play do you like most and why?

 Off course cricket because Hamesha bhagte rahana padata hai and always be get ready for anything

 Tell us something about your next movie?

 Yes currently we are not in a position to reveal the cast and the plot of upcoming movie but I would say it’s an interesting murder mystery.

Interviewed By:

Ravi and Dilip